Global Golf

Global Golf’s business model is comprised of 3 elements. Retail, Wholesale & Corporate. Employing over 100 staff members, the company has been focused on lifestyle and golf apparel, predominantly knit and woven shirts, trousers, jackets, sweaters, luggage, and headwear.

Clubmaster Management System

Clubmaster is a South African developed Club Management Software that services over 150 clients in South Africa, Mauritius, and the African continent. The software covers all applicable modules specific to clubs.

SevenC Computing

SevenC’s product suite presents a complete and tightly integrated set for many of your business needs, including ICT strategy advice and support, cyber security planning and managed backups:

Desktop support
• Server support
• Network support
• Microsoft licencing
• Server hardware
• PC/Laptops
• Firewalls
• Antivirus
• Websites and hosting
• Virtual servers
• Fibre and wireless
• Server backups
• Desktop backups


Professional Golf Club Auditing makes compliance simple & cost effective.

We offer solutions in:

SAFETY Compliance

EQUITY Submissions

B-BBEE Points

SKILLS Development

PGCA Brings the golfing industry, customised compliance solutions developed specifically for the golfing industry by golf industry compliance experts.

HALP Media

With a combined 25 years’ experience in activations, events, advertising, Social Media and Online marketing. We pride ourselves on old school business principles and strongly believe in handshake business. Our professional approach and vast experience will ensure that partnering with us will be the best thing for you, your business and your brand. Partner with us and let us HALP you. Definition of HALP: “A desperate way of saying help. Usually used in emergency situations where mispronunciation due to events occurs. Notorious for use in lolcat pictures