Professional Services

Let us take care of the hassle.

Accounting Services

MyHomeClub provides complete accounting and financial management services to assist managers in the successful operation of their facilities. Utilizing proven systems, we recognize specific client needs, including the establishment of procedures for the collection, receipt, and deposit of all revenues cost estimating and forecasting, processing and payment of invoices, and preparation of budgets and reports. We create and review daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports, including a statement of revenues and expenses, balance sheet, statement of cash flows, and reconciliation of inventory.

Recruitment & Placements

We love people, especially those that are fit to complete the task at hand. That requires skill, experience, and knowledge. Let MyHomeClub assist you in finding the best person available for a certain position in your establishment, recruit them, and provide initial training should the need arise.

Marketing Services

We are in an era where we are operating in a competitive world. To ensure you have the edge over your competitors, it is essential to have a professional sales and marketing culture. The need to get out there and find the business is not such an easy thing, if you are unsure about your market and the need for “know-how” is lacking.

MHC will work together with you to implement a marketing strategy and execute it on your behalf. From day-to-day marketing designs and initiatives, to create new websites and campaigns.  We will generate the leads and ensure market research is done in accordance with your structure and direct market.

Safety Certification

Join PGCA’s growing number of top golf clubs achieving 5-star safety compliance certification. Request one of our auditors to conduct an on-site audit or have your OHS Rep complete the self-audit assessment to review the status of your safety system. This is a great way to review your safety legal requirements by identifying both items that are required for corrective measures and items that are in place.